U17 Saxons
Sat 23 Mar 2024
Farnham Blues
Albury FC
U17 Saxons
Albury Win

Albury Win

Kieron Smith27 Mar - 09:10
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All to play for

First half started with the lads applying the pressure to oppo, but it didn’t stop. It was wave after wave of pressure to the point that the only way the oppo could get out of their half was by long balling it over the top. However our defenders and Joel dealt with these and we just played it out and applied the pressure again.

The first goal came Finn T who drove down the right to corner and smashed it in to the left side of the goal. Both Albury coaches didn’t realise it was in due to the acute angle at which he shot from. Great start and the lads prepared themselves for the restart as if it was 0-0.

Second goal was scored from an indirect free kick due to the oppo passing back to their keeper who picked it up on the edge of the box. With Freddie and Finn working together they fool the oppo, Freddie laid it off to Finn T who blasted it along the ground and in to the back of the net.

There we plenty of chances with Ben putting one over the bar and Fin S charging down the left and took as shot to the right of the goal. The keeper at full stretch managed to get his finger tips on it to put it out for a corner.

Half time 2 -0

Half time talk was focusing on not switching off and keep passing the ball between us. Tire the oppo out in order to give us further opportunities.

Second half we kept the same formation as the first as we knew that if the pressure remained on the oppo they would struggle and further goals would come.

We continued to challenge the oppo as much as possible in their box with numerous attempts to get the ball across the line with no effect. God knows how that ball didn’t go across the line but I lost count at the attempts.

The third goal came from a cross from James on the right wing who played it in to the box and H pushed it across the line.

The lads kept the pressure on but in the last minute they switched off and Farnham managed to get pass the defence on the left. The shot was low and wide which our keeper just could get to.

Full Time 1-3

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Sat 23 Mar 2024


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